McClellanville, Part 2 - Famous Landmarks | Palmetto Places - Episode 2


McClellanville’s story is one of survival. The communities’ resilience had been tested time and again with the impacts of several large storms: Hurricane Hugo, the hurricane of 1822, and the storm in August, 1893. Joanna Angle reads accounts from people who lived during these storms.

The Saint James Santee Episcopal church withstood the 1893 storm, and Joanna Angle discusses the history and architecture of this revered McClellanville church. In connection with this church is the Lofton family, more specifically, Harriet Lucas Lofton, and her plantation home, known as “The Wedge.”

The last landmark in this segment is the Cape Romain Lighthouse. Tommy Graham, a volunteer keeper, joins to discuss the lighthouse’s history, time of service, and what life was like for those who maintained the lighthouse. 

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