Lancaster, Part 1 - Early History And Andrew Jackson | Palmetto Places - Episode 1


The early settlers of the 1750’s, mostly Scots-Irish Presbyterians, settled in the upper-Catawba valley, searching for fertile land, and a hopeful future. Time passed, and this area would become known as “The Waxhaws,” named after the Native American tribe which disappeared years earlier.

One of the most prominent figures to come from this area of South Carolina, is Andrew Jackson, hero of the Battle of New Orleans (The War of 1812), and seventh President of the United States. Joanna Angle briefly chronicles Andrew Jackson’s early life, and talks about the park named in his honor: Andrew Jackson State Park. The park features picnic areas, camping ground, a playground, a seven acre fishing lake, an amphitheater, and nature trails.

Andrew Jackson’s father is buried at the Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church, and this graveyard also features a monument dedicated to Andrew Jackson’s mother. 

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