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“Smart is fun with Knowitall!

Knowitall features a wide assortment of media content from the original, created by ETV for K-12 students, teachers, and parents.

The media on Knowitall  are easy to locate by series title or website name, and can also be located by grade level and subject area. Familiar websites or series include ArtopiaA Natural StateCareer AisleLegacy of LeadershipEye WonderForeign Language series (such as First Steps: Spanish, French and German) and Healthy Hannah. We invite you to explore and you’ll find many of the rich resources that you previously utilized--and more! is a free online collection of resources designed for classroom use. This educational web portal contains interactive sites, simulations, image collections, virtual field trips and streaming video that support and provide quality inquiry-based experiences for students on the Internet. You will still be able to access many of the interactive websites by going to the original on a desktop computer.

Funding for this project was provided by the S.C. General Assembly through the K-12 Technology Partnership consisting of the S.C. Department of Education, ETV, the State Budget and Control Board, the State Library, BellSouth, and the independent telephone companies.

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