Homecoming, Part 5 - Leo Twiggs' Roots - Episode 5


During the exhibition,Twiggs traveled back to his native Saint Stephens. There, met by his brother George, he ventured inside the house where he grew up. The brother had the house built for their mother and even after she moved away, she didn't want the home torn down because it was a reminder of where they came from. Twiggs and his brothers take us inside the house and share memories. He shares how he transferred those memories into his paintings.

The "Commemoration" series, which, perhaps more than other, has catapulted this artist into the annals of social art history, due primarily to his use of the Confederate battle flag as an artistic construct.  As a black man why would he be painting this symbol of the confederacy? Twiggs explains that the flag is part of his past also, and he said, "In the South, you always have those who celebrate it and those who want for it to go away."  

At the time of the video, Twiggs was working on another series called "Sanctuary." He says, "Now that I've gotten older, I believe that my painting became a sanctuary for me. That's how I have been able to sustain it while I did other things."

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