Homecoming, Part 3 - Jonathan Green's Art


Jonathan Green makes his home in Naples, Florida. There he has both his studio and a showcase gallery.  He shares a painting he did in 1990 that shows the house he was raised in Gardens Corner, South Carolina. 

In addition to his large, two-dimensional paintings, Green has been experimenting with a sculptural form --- paintings in 3D.

Much of Green's imagery can be attributed to his memories of growing up in Gardens Corner. Green says, "I'm not so interested in painting a specific person, or a particular relative, friend. I'm interested in painting sort of a, archetype, if you will, of...persons living and working in that environment."

Green wanted to find more connectedness between his paintings and performing arts. Green's first major venture toward realizing that goal has met with critical acclaim. The collaboration with choreographer William Starrett resulted in the Columbia City Ballet's world premiere production of "Off the Wall and Onto the Stage: Dancing the Art of Jonathan Green."