Homecoming, Part 1 - Introduction/Jonathan Green


Two Lowcountry natives exhibited jointly for the first time at the Spoleto Festival USA. "Rhythms of Life: Selected Works by Jonathan Green" and "Myths and Metaphors: A Retrospective of Art
by Leo Twiggs." In many ways, these two artists are similar. Green and Twiggs are both African Americans. Both can claim the Lowcountry. Green grew up in Gardens Corner, while Twiggs was born in Saint Stephen. Both men are visual storytellers. They both pay homage to a maternal culture.

And they both draw upon memories of their homelands for inspiration, Jonathan Green and Leo Twiggs differ in many ways as well. First, they are of different generations. Green is a painter and printmaker. Twiggs, an innovator in the ancient art of batik. Green is a full-time artist. Twiggs spent a lifetime as an educator.

In this video, Jonathan Green's work is introduced. Jonathan Green states, "The universality of my work comes from what people are doing in my work rather than their ethnicity, their color, or even their age."