Freedom Comin’: A Gullah Kinfolk Wish, Part 1 (2006) - Episode 1


Host Aunt Pearlie Sue has a story to tell: Christmas Eve of December 1860 also happens to be the eve of the American Civil War. The life of slavery weighs heavily on the hearts of those who work on southern plantations, but this story contains a silver lining: a Gullah kin-folk wish: “Freedom Comin’!”

In April, 1756, a 10 year old girl from Sierra Leone named ‘Cilla (formerly Binda) was kidnapped and transported to Charleston, South Carolina, in the belly of a slave ship. ‘Cilla soon became the property of Elias Ball, a rice plantation owner. During the 5-8 week-long voyage, these Africans suffered inhumane conditions. Sir John Newton, a captain of one of these slave ships experienced a spiritual rebirth during a terrible storm; realizing the evil that is slavery. Newton became an abolitionist and preacher, and later penned the famous song “Amazing Grace”.  

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