Fort Sumter: Rising Tensions Before The Civil War (Produced 1995) - Episode 2


Due to lack of funding, construction on Fort Sumter slowed. Fort Moultrie also suffered from monetary issues, and as a result, the fort was not properly armed, garrisoned, or reinforced.   Major Robert Anderson took command of Fort Moultrie, and the surrounding batteries in 1860. Abraham Lincoln was the newly elected president, and political tensions between the North and South gradually got worse.  Fearing an impending attack on Fort Moultrie by rebel forces, Maj. Robert Anderson moved his garrison over to Fort Sumter, thinking they would be safer there.  Feeling betrayed by Maj. Anderson’s move, S.C. governor Francis Pickens ordered rebel S.C. troops to seize Fort Moultrie, and Castle Pinckney, in late 1860.  In an attempt to aid Maj. Anderson’s garrison, President James Buchanan sent the steam ship Star of the West, filled with supplies. The ship, however, was turned away by Confederate batteries in Charleston.