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“Learning by doing” is the theme at Fort Discovery in Augusta, Georgia. The hands-on experiences that students receive at the National Science Center’s learning environment are fun and educational. The mission of Fort Discovery is to motivate and inspire people of all ages to take an interest in science. This program provides a tour of the Math, Motion, and Momentum Gallery. In this gallery are many exciting, hands-on exhibits, such as the Morse code fountain, maglev car, coupled pendulum, air action/reaction chair, moonwalk simulator, tesla coil, virtual reality room, fiberscope, telepresence arm, high-wire bicycle, floating stone, and parabolic golf. Each activity supports basic scientific principles.

This sampling of Fort Discovery’s 250 exhibits illustrates the latest technological advancements. Each display provides instructions on how to interact with the exhibit. The instructions also extend each activity to apply the scientific principle behind each exhibit. To find out more about the National Science Center’s Fort Discovery, call 1-800-325-5445. You can also visit the Web site to schedule a visit with the portable science lab.



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