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A Closer Look

Comedy is sometimes funnier if you can't see everything. Filmmaker Lynn Cornfoot uses off-screen action to increase the comic effect in her film Love. We can only imagine what the Wife's feet must look like as the Husband works on them with a pair of giant clippers, an electric sander and a blowtorch. The fact that she looks blissful makes the apparently painful operation even funnier.

About the Media

Lynn Cornfoot's independent short film Love - which she wrote, directed and produced - has shown at several festivals nationwide including Flicker and the New Orleans Film and Video Festival. In this comedic tale an elderly man shows his wife he still has what it takes to make her swoon. A violinist and a beautiful couch in the middle of a field complete the scene for romance - and this modern day Romeo gives his wife the toenail clipping of a lifetime. Love stars Richard and Reba Cornfoot as the Husband and Wife, and Steve Hogue as the Violinist.

About the Artist

Lynn Cornfoot grew up in Myrtle Beach and has a B.A. from the University of South Carolina's Media Arts program. She is currently an Electronic Field Production Specialist (Videographer) at South Carolina ETV. For more than ten years she worked as a freelance film and video production specialist on national and local commercials, feature films, corporate videos and series television.


  • Make a list of what you see and hear in the film clip.
  • How does the filmmaker use the elements and principles of design?
  • What is your opinion of the film clip? How does it make you feel?


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