Detective Bonz and the SC History Mystery: Part 6 - Episode 6


The big day has finally arrived. The SC Game Show is being broadcast from South Carolina ETV television studios! All of Detective Bonz's wonderful helpers are going to be there. Jeremy, Amy, Briana, and Kevin are even contestants because they scored so well on their state social studies tests! Detective Bonz is concerned because he has not found the thief. But after careful thought he hatches a plan. It involves a history book borrowed from another school and Kevin's lucky spool of fishing line. What in the world is Detective Bonz plotting? How can these items possibly catch the thief? During the show, the kids are asked questions about SC history, nature facts, state symbols, famous South Carolinians, athletes, and other interesting facts about the Palmetto State. Can you guess what happens at the end of the show? Will the Sandlapper kids wins the contest? Will Detective Bonz find the thief?


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