Detective Bonz and the SC History Mystery: Part 5 - Episode 5


Clues, clues, clues! Detective Bonz has found wheelbarrow tracks, a box of food wrap, sunscreen...all of it on the playground. What could it mean? Meanwhile, Jeremy, Briana, Kevin, and Jing have decided to trust their cool science teacher Mr. Gaston with their secret - TIME TRAVELING! He is fascinated to hear about it, but says they shouldn't time travel from school anymore. While they're in the Science Lab, he comes up with a wacky song to teach them about the regions of SC. After that something very strange happens. Can you imagine what? Suddenly, they find themselves at the State Farmers' Market talking with peach farmers. Later, they visit with Gullah people who tell them about some of the cool traditions on the Sea Islands of SC. In the same day, they arrive at Table Rock State Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A fun but tiring day to be sure. That afternoon, the students find out that South Carolina ETV is broadcasting a SC Game Show featuring the kids who score the highest on the state social studies test. Ms. Holman, their principal, is going to arrange for them to go since they have been so helpful in researching SC history for the school. What a day!


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