Detective Bonz and the SC History Mystery: Part 2 - Episode 2


Detective Bonz and his student helpers keep investigating all over the school. New clues are found. A gum wrapper? Wheel tracks on the playground? The price tag from a shovel? Puzzling! Detective Bonz's student helpers promise their teacher they will be "accessing information" from the small computer to help all 3rd graders study for the big state-wide test...and they do. Except the way they're "accessing information " is to actually TIME TRAVEL to visit by-gone days and learn about South Carolina history...first hand! This time, they push the green button again and ZIP! Off they go, traveling back through time to the first Spanish explorers at Winyah Bay. Later, they meet explorer Ribault from France, English settlers and Lords Proprietors. As the computer transports them to early Charlestown, they learn about the prosperity and importance of the state's largest port city and actually meet some of the treacherous pirates that sailed on SC's coast.


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