Detective Bonz and the SC History Mystery: Part 1


Who would steal all of the 3rd grad history books at Sandlapper Elementary? And WHY? That's what Detective Sherlock Bonz, the famous canine crime fighter is hired to find out. Principal Holman alerts him there's no time to waste. The 3rd graders need to study for a state-wide SC history test, of which the high scorers will be invited to compete in a televised SC history game show. Hoping to find the thief and recover all the books, Detective Bonz begins snooping and sniffing for clues all around the school. The principal of Sandlapper Elementary allows several 3rd grade students to assist him. Together their goals are to catch the thief and to research SC history facts using Detective Bonz's new-fangled "Paw Pilot" computer in order to help 3rd graders study for the upcoming test. As the students are learning to operate the computerized "Paw Pilot," they accidentally push the mysterious green button labeled LEVART EMIT...and ZIP! Off they go, transported back through time thousands of years to Ancient South Carolina. the students meet two Native Americans who teach them about various tribes, their traditions, games, housing, the origin of body paint, and river names derived from specific tribes and their meanings.


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