Crystal Ball Cruise | 27:Fifty (1992) - Episode 2


A group of concerned citizens in upstate New York want to make prom night safer for youth living in the area. Prom night is notorious for drunk driving, and these concerned citizens wish to crack down on that, and save lives. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of death for young people, and that number escalates on prom nights. So how are cautious parents and community leaders combating these fatal statistics? Classic and vintage car owners in the community are hosting the Crystal Ball Cruise, which is a program (with cooperation with local law enforcement, and radio stations) to provide safe transportation to and from prom nights in the area. This program is the brain-child of Matt McGill. These students can participate, but there is a catch: each student participating must also sign a disclosure agreement, promising to remain substance free. Peer pressure has shifted to *not* drinking!

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