Conquistadors and Explorers: S.C. Under the Spanish Flag, Part 2 | Mary Long's Yesteryear (1988) - Episode 2


Part 2: Conquistadors and Explorers: S.C. Under the Spanish Flag | Mary Long's Yesteryear

In 1528, an expedition was mounted to La Florida. As the group moved northward, Indians attacked them. As they would defeat one group, they would encounter another. Most of that group perished. By 1536, only four members of that expedition successfully reached Mexico. One conquistador, Hernando DeSoto, marched through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Northa Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi. He was sent to Peru and became a very wealthy man. He returned to Spain and was appointed governor of Florida. He paid 600 soldiers to accompany him through his explorations. He was a fearless leader. He arrived at Tampa Bay in 1539 with his 600 soldiers, servants, camp followers, 250 horses and 13 pigs.