Citadel Telescope - Introduction | (1990) - Episode 1


The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, proudly cherishes its military and Southern traditions. But, like other colleges, The Citadel also faces the challenge of recruiting both potential students, and professors.   Professors at The Citadel face the dilemma of having to balance time with students, and devoting time to research. For astronomers, such as Saul Adelman, professor of physics and astronomy at The Citadel, and Bob Dukes, from the College of Charleston, going away is a necessity. Observing the skies over Charleston is challenging, since the city is located right at sea level, and few nights contain clear skies.  But with the assistance of a new telescope system, Bob Dukes goes to The Citadel, to discuss new discoveries with Saul Adelman. Interestingly, the newly acquired data was not found in South Carolina. This new automatic, electronic telescope sits on a mountaintop over one thousand miles away!


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