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In 1865, the community of Cheraw unwillingly played host to General William T. Sherman’s Union troops.  Miraculously, the town was unharmed.  Today, the Cheraw State Park is South Carolina’s oldest state park, spanning over 7,360 acres.  The land was purchased with the money accumulated by local school children during the Great Depression.    Cheraw state park offers a wide array of outdoor recreational activities, including swimming, fishing, camping, and golfing.  Cheraw is named after the Native American Indians who lived in the upper Pee Dee area.  In 1750, the town became a prominent trading center, along with a ferry port.  The town green was laid out in 1765, and some of Cheraw’s oldest, most prominent buildings, still stand today. Attorney and scuba diver Miller Ingram, Jr., discusses the history of Cheraw as a Pee Dee River trading post, along with his childhood.  

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