Boiled Peanuts | Carolina Snaps


Though the South Carolina state legislature didn’t designate boiled peanuts as the official state snack until 2006, South Carolinians have been boiling peanuts since colonial times.

Over 85,000 acres of South Carolina farmland is dedicated to growing peanuts. You don’t have to go far to find these homegrown peanuts boiled into a delicious salty snack. Travel down any South Carolina Road long enough, and you will stumble upon a roadside stand selling fresh’n’hot boiled peanuts.

Raw peanuts, salt, water, and time is all you need to make this Southern delicacy. After hours of simmering in a Caldrone of salty goodness, the snack is best enjoyed warm according to most.

Boiled peanuts are more than just a snack here in South Carolina, they are a way to bring the community together with events like Bluffton’s annual Boiled Peanut Festival. Watch out for taillights because here in South Carolina we brake for peanuts.


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