The Baruchs of Hobcaw Barony, Part 3 - Growing Up In Hobcaw Barony


Belle Baruch shared her father’s love for Hobcaw Barony when she was as young as five years old, for it was the perfect place for hunting and fishing. The home which the Baruchs resided in was known as “The Relic.” The home featured many distinguished guests, and in order to maintain such a home, required a large staff.  There were still many African-Americans living on the land purchased by Bernard Baruch, and Bernard promised employment opportunities, and that they would be allowed to stay on the land. The African-Americans living on the land viewed Bernard as a paternal figure, since he took care of them, and helped further develop their communities. Other rich northerners also started purchasing land in Hobcaw Barony, and this influx of Northern influence became known as “The Second Northern Invasion.”

The Baruch children were taught to hunt and fish at an early age, and Belle shot her first deer at only thirteen years old. She was also the first female to win the Queen of the Bay sailing prize in Long Island, since she was also talented in boating. 


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