The Baruchs of Hobcaw Barony, Part 2 - Life In New York


The Reconstruction years were tough for the Baruch family, and the last straw for Simon was when he was asked to be the medical doctor at the famed Cash-Shannon Duel, in Camden. Simon Baruch moved his family to New York in 1881 to begin a new life. Bernard entered the College of the City of New York when he was only 14, and by the time he was 20, he went to work for Wall Street, calling himself a “Wall Street Speculator.” By the time Bernard was 30, he was already very wealthy, and even launched his own firm.

During his residence in New York, Bernard noticed a lady named Anne Griffen. She was beautiful, and owned her own horse and carriage. They courted each other, were married, and lived right in New York City. Bernard and Anne had their first child, Belle, in 1899. By 1905, Belle had two siblings: a brother, Bernard Jr., and a sister, Renee.

Anti-Semitism was a problem for the Baruch family while in New York, and in 1904, when Bernard’s friends invited him to South Carolina for some hunting along the coast, Bernard eyed Hobcaw Barony, and was interested in purchasing the land.  


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