Ann Rivers Siddons - Author | Big Picture


Meet Ann Rivers Siddons, “the Grand Dame of Southern Literature.” Born and raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Siddons had an idyllic upbringing. At an early age, she began to push emotional buttons with words, by being a regular writer for the University of Alabama’s school newspaper, “The Auburn Plainsman.”  After college, Siddons relocated back home, working for various magazine and newspaper companies. During this time, she found herself in the epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement.  These experiences would lead Siddons to her greatest commercial success: “Peachtree Road.” Over the years, she churned out best-seller after best-seller, each time, shedding light on the “old south.”

Siddons believes she still has something significant to say; some injustice to point out. That here in the South, “past” is never quite past.

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