Allendale, Part 2 - Buildings | Palmetto Places (1998)


Roselawn Plantation was built by the Reverend Joseph Alexander Lawton during a five year period from 1835-1840. It is the center of a working plantation which has been maintained and farmed by the family.  Roselawn served as the Union headquarters for Brigadier General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick. Another home was Erwinton Plantation which was also occupied by Union troops, but spared from destruction.

Visit the standing buildings for Smyrna Baptist Church, Antioch Christian Church, Saint Matthews and Bethlehem church.

The town of Allendale began as settlement which eventually became a village when the railroad began to run its lines several miles away.

One landmark in Allendale is the water tower which is one of three that were erected in South Carolina around 1915 by a Boston engineering firm. The tank holds a 100,000 gallons of water and is still in use.

Also in this episode, learn about Miss Arnold Schoolhouse and the Farmer's Drug Store.

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