Albert George - SC Aquarium | Sea Change


Albert George is the Director of Conservation at the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston. This is his full interview from the SCETV documentary "Sea Change."

The following questions were addressed in the video:

  • What are the effects of climate change on fresh water?
  • How do we go about educating people about an issue like climate change?
  • How do you get everyday people involved?
  • How do we get communities on the same page in terms of addressing climate change?
  • How do you win people over who doubt climate change?
  • On a personal level, does¬†this concern you?
  • What is it about climate change that makes it a¬†polarizing political subject?
  • So you're suggesting we go back to the future, in a sense?
  • How do you pay for resiliency?
  • Is it worth putting money into a cause that can't be salvaged or saved?
  • If we don't act what does it look like in 100 years from now?
  • Who are the people who need to stand up so the general public will be convinced?