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Two Episodes Now Available—History In A Nutshell

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We are excited to tell you about a new series on Knowitall! Two episodes now available!

History In A Nutshell will provide videos that address topics on which few resources were previously available. These videos will be fewer than ten minutes long and will tell the story of an entire event from our history, in a fast-paced, engaging style!

Videos will be created by Andrew Davis of South Carolina ETV. and will be tied to curriculum standards with the assistance of ETV Education’s social studies curriculum coordinators, Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman. Here’s what Andrew would like for you to know about History In A Nutshell:

History In A Nutshell is a new series of videos where I will explain in layman’s terms historical events throughout South Carolina, United States, and world history, in ten minutes or less; hence the name of the series! When the time came for me to create my own series for Knowitall, the first questions I asked myself were: “Where do we lack content?” “What parts of history should we include in the future?” “What are some interesting things in history people may not know about?” The thing about history is that many things happened which shaped who we are in our present day society.  Take away any one of those things, and the world as we know it would be drastically different.”

“Whenever I update our Twitter feed, I do research using several websites to find historical events which happened in each month of the year. The more I would dig to find things to post on Twitter, along with our monthly factoid pages, that is when I realized there are many things we should have on Knowitall, but do not.  The goal of this series is to plug up those holes, and explain those missing events in ways pretty much anyone can understand. Of course, some historical events are pretty complicated, and may take more than one video to fully explain, so some historical events may be split up into two or three parts, for example.  This series is aimed to not only educate, but to entertain as well. Working with our curriculum experts at SCETV, Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman, the series will also serve as that middle ground, balancing where we lack content with what teachers need the most.”

Episode 1 - World War I

The pilot episode covers World War I, while the next episode currently in production will talk about the 1918 Flu Pandemic in South Carolina. The “Spanish Flu” pandemic was one of the worst outbreaks of sickness in history, right up there alongside the Black Plague in Europe, Smallpox, Yellow Fever, and Malaria. The 1918 Pandemic affected everyone, and South Carolina was no exception. This strain of H1N1 influenza ended up taking more lives than World War One did! 

Episode 2 - 1918 Flu Pandemic in S.C.

In January of 1918, a deadly H1N1 strain of Influenza called the "Spanish Flu" began sweeping across the globe. This flu, also known as "Strain A" or "Avian Flu", took its toll worldwide, infecting mainly young adults, and even South Carolinians had to face this flu without any real forms of medicine. This video briefly explains how the Pandemic first arrived in South Carolina, along with its socio-economic effects, and measures taken to combat its spread. Protection against the flu would finally appear in 1938, with the development of the flu vaccine by Jonas Salk and Thomas Francis.  

We Need You! wants to open up the platform to teachers! We are currently taking suggestions for future episodes, to cover topics, which would be the most beneficial to lesson plans! If there are historical topics that anyone feels we should add to Knowitall, please let us know! We want to hear from you! Thank you!