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Try Out These Resources from Knowitall for Music In Our Schools Month!

resources for Music In Our Schools Month on knowitall Gullah Music and Artopia

Did you know? Knowitall has great music resources!

Here are several ways to find Knowitall’s Music content!


Under Subject Area—Select “Music”

Explore various types of music and meet musicians featured on Knowitall.



Under Series—Select “Artopia”—then Select “Music”

Step inside Artopia's Music lobby! 

Students can learn about music history by exploring Art History.  Under Be a Music Critic, students are guided on how to closely examine musical performances and how various instruments sound.  In Meet a Musician, students can watch videos of musicians from various genres including classical, jazz, gospel and more.Please note many of the web videos include transcripts.



Under Series—Select “Gullah Net”—Then Select “Gullah Music”

The Gullah Music website was created to introduce children to the evolution of African music in America through Gullah history and culture.

Gullah is the name of the descendants of enslaved Africans who lived on the Sea Islands of South Carolina, Georgia and northern Florida. It is also the language spoken by the islanders.

Aunt Pearlie Sue and her sidekick stick Reverend Leroy take visitors on a musical journey to listen and learn how African music influenced many styles of music in America. Explore work songs, spirituals, play songs and the blues.