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Summertime Fun! The Learning Continues on!

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Knowitall is full of great places to explore—all over South Carolina—and beyond! In this blog, we’ll feature our Series, Collections, Interactives and VRs. These areas make it easy to locate the resources that interest you! From Artopia to Zoo Minutes, there’s something for everyone!



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This blog, Summertime Fun! The Learning Continues on!, provides helpful information and links to many of our resources. Please add it, as well!



Now Available on Knowitall

Young Minds Dreaming with Juan Felipe Herrera

(Produced in partnership with the SC State Library)

Juan Felipe Herrera, the son of Mexican migrant farmers, grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in Southern California. As a child, he attended school in a variety of small towns from San Francisco to San Diego. He started school only speaking Spanish. Inspired by his teacher, Mrs. Sampson, Juan went on to not only learn English, but grew to love writing poetry. 

Juan was selected as the United States Poet Laureate in 2015. He sat down with us to share how his career started and what inspired his love of poetry.


2019 Young Minds Dreaming Poetry Contest

(Produced in partnership with the SC State Library)

Young poets read their winning entries and met former U.S. Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera, at the 2019 Young Minds Dreaming Contest held for the third year in a row at the South Carolina State Library.


World War I Symposium – Lander University

Time of Tradition and Transition: A Symposium on the South and World War I 

In March 2019, Lander University hosted a World War I Symposium in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Great War. Bringing together accomplished historians and local citizens the symposium set out to explain how WWI affected the South’s culture, economy, and politics.

Included in this series are interviews with the following experts: 

  • Dr. Angela Jill Cooley - Associate Professor of History at Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Dr. Matthew L. Downs - Associate Professor of History at the University of Mobile
  • Dr. M. Ryan Floyd - Associate Professor of History at Lander University
  • Dr. Fritz P. Hamer - Curator of History and Archivist at the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum
  • Dr. Courtney Tollison Hartness - Assistant Professor of History at Furman University
  • Dr. Lucas McMillan - Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Lander University
  • Dr. Kathryn M. Silva - Assistant Professor of history at Claflin University

*** Various Topics In This Series May Not Be Suitable For Some Audiences. Viewer Discretion Is Advised. 

  1. Lander University World War I Symposium – Overview
  2. How Did World War I Start? – Dr. Ryan Floyd
  3. How Did the U.S. Get Involved in World War I? – Dr. Ryan Floyd
  4. What Roles Did the South Play in World War I? - Dr. Matthew Downs
  5. How Did Most Americans Feel About Entering World War I? - Dr. Ryan Floyd
  6. How Did World War I Affect the South? – Dr. Matthew Downs
  7. Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points and the League of Nations – Dr. Ryan Floyd
  8. The Commemoration Question – Dr. Ryan Floyd
  9. On Writing “The American South and the Great War, 1941-1924” – Dr. Matthew Downs
  10. South Carolina’s Roles During World War I – Dr. Fritz Hamer
  11. The Significance of South Carolina’s Training Camp Locations – Dr. Fritz Hamer
  12. On Writing Articles and Books – Dr. Fritz Hamer
  13. Working for the S.C. Confederate Relic Room and Museum – Dr. Fritz Hamer
  14. How Is World War I Remembered Today? - Dr. Courtney Tollison Hartness
  15. How Did World War I Affect Upstate South Carolina? - Dr. Courtney Tollison Hartness
  16. On Writing “Our Country First” - Dr. Courtney Tollison Hartness
  17. How Did Jim Crow Laws Affect the American South During World War I? Dr. Angela Jill Cooley
  18. How Did Civil Rights Progress During the World War I Era? – Dr. Angela Jill Cooley
  19. Food Rationing and Temporary Wartime Prohibition – Dr. Angela Jill Cooley
  20. What Roles Did Women Serve in the World War I Era? – Dr. Kathryn Silva



Summertime Fun!

From Our Collections…


Dive in…to Knowitall!

Is the summer heat getting to you? Dive in…to Knowitall! This collection is comprised of content that all relates to water, rivers and lakes! Come on in, the water’s fine! Scroll down to view the individual assets that relate to water, rivers, lakes and more…from all over South Carolina!


Activities for Mobile Devices!

You can take these activities with you just about anywhere because they all work on mobile devices. Try them out!

They’re an assortment of our most popular Series – now available on your mobile device for access anytime, anywhere! Choose from Artopia, Gullah Net, Gullah Tales, Hobby Shop, Kids Work!,  and NASA Onlineor try them all!



Explore South Carolina

Visit locations all over South Carolina – without leaving your chair!




Featured Summertime Viewing - Full Series - Continue the Learning!

*Please note:

Some of our most popular content was originally created in Flash. Although we are making every effort to upgrade this content to make it accessible on mobile devices, this work takes time and we are still in transition. Because many of our series are best when viewed as they were created—in sequence, for context and understanding—we recommend that you view these series on a computer to enjoy fully without interruption.

(We have also provided info and links in this blog on Activities (Tablet Friendly.)


A comprehensive web-based experience for students, covering the visual and performing arts. Students will learn art history via animated one-minute movies, be guided on how to closely examine important works of art, and view videos of professional artists at work.

*Please view the full Artopia series on your computer.



Gullah Net

GullahNet and its host, Aunt Pearlie Sue (Anita Singleton-Prather), introduces Gullah culture and language to children on the web.

*Some of the interactive stories and activities under Gullah Music and Gullah Tales have not been upgraded at this time. We recommend viewing the entire series on a computer, so that it may be enjoyed without interruption.

However, these stories from Gullah Tales have been upgraded and will play on mobile devices in both English and Gullah! You can also view the Videos in both English and Gullah.

And be sure to visit and sing along with Gullah Music!

Aunt Pearlie Sue and Reverend Leroy take you on a musical journey!



History In A Nutshell

History In A Nutshell Celebrates Its First Anniversary!

In case you missed our introduction to this new series last year, here’s what we’d like you to know!

History In A Nutshell provides videos that address topics on which few resources were previously available. These videos will be fewer than ten minutes long and will tell the story of an entire event from our history, in a fast-paced, engaging style!

Videos are produced by Andrew Davis of South Carolina ETV. and will be tied to curriculum standards with the assistance of ETV’s social studies curriculum consultants, Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman. Here’s what Andrew would like for you to know about History In A Nutshell:

History In A Nutshell is a new series of videos on historical events throughout South Carolina, United States, and world history. When starting the project, the first questions I asked myself were: “Where do we lack content?” “What parts of history should we include in the future?” “What are some interesting things in history people may not know about?” The thing about history is that many things happened which shaped who we are in our present day society.  Take away any one of those things, and the world as we know it would be drastically different.”

“When I update our Twitter feed for Knowitall each month, I research historical events that occurred in each month of the year and in so doing, I realized there are some we have not yet included on Knowitall. The goal of this series is to plug those holes, and explain those events in ways everyone can understand. Some historical events are pretty complicated, and may take more than one video to fully explain. This series is aimed to not only educate, but to entertain, as well. Working with our curriculum experts at SCETV, Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman, the series will also serve as that middle ground, balancing where we lack content with what teachers need the most.”

The History In A Nutshell Series currently includes these episodes:

Teachers, we are currently taking suggestions for future episodes to cover topics that would be the most beneficial in your classrooms! If there are historical topics that you think should be added to Knowitall, please let us know! We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!


Hobby Shop

Learn how velocity and distance work in this balloon blast game. A catapult is a military device that was used in ancient and medieval times to hurl stones, spears, and other objects. There were many different types of catapults developed and used throughout history. The most  well-known catapult is the bucket catapult, which used a winched down - arm with a bucket on the end to toss objects. The catapult used in our Balloon Blast game is called a trebuchet.

Learn how to use a compound microscope and a dissecting microscope.

Choose and customize a rocket. Launch your rocket and learn about Newton's Laws.


Kids Work!

A virtual community of workplaces designed to give students an interactive job exploration experience that connects school work to real work. Each area includes History, Job Play activities, Work Zone and Real People at work.

*At this time, the Job Play areas have not been upgraded for mobile devices. Please use a desktop computer for these activities.

In each workplace, please be sure to start with the History area, then proceed to Job Play, then to Real People, and finally to the Work Zone area at each work site!


  • Public Relations Specialist from Job Play is here.
  • Lab Technician from Job Play is here.
  • Pharmacist from Job Play is here.

Television Station

  • Audio Engineer from Job Play is here.
  • TV Director from Job Play is here.
  • Producer from Job Play is here


  • Box Office Manager from job Play is here.
  • Lighting Designer from Job Play is here
  • Playwright from Job Play is here.


Let’s Go!

Virtual reality tours of some of our state’s most historic sites - now featuring 9 different locations! Experience the VRs using the Matterport phone apps with either a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.


NASA Online – NASA Science Simulations

Students learn about these topics and scientific principles while having fun!

*For the version that plays on a mobile device, be sure to click on the “Go To Interactive” link just below each of these simulations.



The story of South Carolina's cultural and natural landscape as told by its rivers. RiverVenture will take you on a virtual "float-trip" across South Carolina, following the Saluda, the Congaree, the Santee, the Cooper, and the Catawba Rivers.

* RiverVenture is currently available on your desktop only. We hope to upgrade this resource in the future


Road Trip Through SC Civil Rights History

Learn about the people and events, and the importance of the civil rights movement in South Carolina from the 1940s to the early 1970s.

  1. Places
  2. People
  3. Facts

Television Series


SC Life

We have two areas to visit and both have now been made accessible on mobile devices.

The Cove Forest

Cove forests are unique ecosystems found exclusively in North America, in the southern Appalachian Mountains of the United States. They are a special type of forest known as mixed deciduous, meaning that forest's trees lose their leaves in fall. Cove forests are restricted to mountain "coves," which are bowl-shaped valleys with very rich, fertile, damp soil. Many cove forests have streams wandering through part of the forest. The cove forests of the South exhibit the greatest plant and tree diversity of any forests in the United States.

The cove forests of South Carolina are restricted to the northwest portion of the state, extending from the north of Westminster to north of Greenville, Jones Gap State Park, Table Rock State Park, Oconee State Park, and Caesars Head State Park all contain cove forest communities.


The Salt Marsh

Salt marshes are found around the world, but the one you are about to tour can be found right here in South Carolina on the North American continent. Salt marshes are located only along the coast. This is because a salt marsh is an area that is flooded by saline (salty) water. The salt marshes are better developed as you move farther south in South Carolina.



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Magic School Bus Now Available at SC State Library

* South Carolina educators, you can now access the videos of The Magic School Bus from the SC State Library's Learn360 offerings. A login is NOT required. Here’s the direct link:




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