Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (Tennessee)

Join host Tim Carrier on this episode of 27:Fifty, where viewers can witness a train ride on one of the last steam locomotives built in the early 20th century! This train is part of the Tennesee Valley Railroad, the largest operating historic railroad in the southeast. In the first segment, Jake Zilverberg has a passion for old internal combustion engines. He collects and repairs old motors, and shows off a part of his collection. In "Eldora Now", follow Tim Jessick as he uncovers the history behind Eldora, Florida, a town abandoned in the late 1800's. “Toy Genius” Athelstan Spilhaus, a resident of Middleburg, Virginia, has an impressive collection of over three thousand antique toys. These toys provide a social commentary, reflecting on the time periods in which they were built. 

Photo of One of the Steam Locomotives In Operation At the Tenessee Valley Railroad Museum