America: A Land of Many People


America: A Land of Many People explores the many people who live in America today and stresses the value of that diversity. Also explored are the ways in which diversity can be a challenge for a country. What makes an American, when people can be so different in many ways? Americans hold in common certain values and beliefs, such as freedom of religion and freedom of speech. These are defined in the Bill of Rights, an important document that supports the freedoms of Americans. This program teaches why it is so important to honor diversity in America.

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Americans' Rights | America: Land of Many People
Episode 101


In America all people have the same rights, to go to school, hold a job, buy a house and practice the religion of one’s choice. The Bill of Rights protects freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom...
Getting Along | America: Land of Many People
Episode 102


The program explains that listening, understanding and compromising are important ways to resolve problems between people. Americans can have difficulty getting along because of their many backgrounds...
So Many Americans! | America: Land of Many People
Episode 103


Americans enjoy a variety of foods, activities and arts. Many foods, customs and music have become a part of American life. It is important to welcome and appreciate these differences. This program...