Grades 6-8

NASA CONNECT™ is an inquiry-based and standards-based, Emmy® award-winning series of mathematics-focused, instructional programs for students in grades 6 -8. The series includes a 30-minute instructional broadcast, a companion lesson guide, and an interactive web-based application.

Programs in the series establish a connection between the mathematics, science, and technology concepts taught in the classroom to those used everyday by NASA researchers. The lesson guide, containing a hands-on activity and the web-based application reinforce and extend the objectives presented in the program.

"A" Train Express | NASA CONNECT


In The "A" Train Express , students will take a ride on the "A" Train Express. They will learn how weather affects everyone's daily lives. Students will see national and international scientists using...
Better Health From Space to Earth | NASA CONNECT


In Better Health From Space to Earth , students will learn about the importance of good nutrition and exercise. They will investigate what we can learn in space about our bodies here on Earth...
Centennial of Flight: Problem Solving


In The "Wright" Math, students will learn about the evolution of flight. They will learn how the Wright Brothers became the first human beings to successfully design, construct, and fly an airplane...