Greenwood County Hash

The Greenwood area of South Carolina is home to many Upstate hash traditions. One “origin story” concerns the altercation between Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina and Sen. Summers of Massachusetts in 1856. Sen. Summers’ disparaging remarks about the South prompted Rep. Brooks to attack him on the Senate floor. News of the incident spread fast and large crowds between 6,000 and 10,000 gathered at Star Fort in Ninety-Six, SC, in support of Rep. Brooks when he returned. A food was needed at this event that could feed the multitudes as well as keep in an age without refrigeration. Thus, the famous “Ninety-Six Hash” was born. It is said to be the source recipe for all of the hash made around Greenwood – one of the “hash-hubs” of the state.

Hash tasting at The Museum, Greenwood