Sherman's March Through the South

Follow the path (Barnwell, Charleston, Columbia, South Carolina) traveled by Union General William T. Sherman and his soldiers as they marched deep into the Confederacy during the final months of the Civil War. This one-hour documentary begins at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, as Sherman and his 60,000 troops pressed toward Atlanta. Upon taking the vital Southern city, he started his infamous march to the sea, which culminated in the capture of Savannah, Georgia. He reportedly was so struck with the beauty of the coastal city that he ordered it spared and presented it to Abraham Lincoln as a "Christmas gift." But Sherman's troops had a different plan for the state of South Carolina. Going through the dense lowcountry swamps, the Union army trudged slowly toward the city where secession was born—Columbia, South Carolina. The program ends with the burning of Columbia and a firsthand look at the destruction of the city.


Sherman's March Through The South (1): Intro
Episode 1


In November 1864, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman took his troops on a campaign through the South, in order to not only attack Confederate defenses, but to also disrupt the Confederate...