The Ridge | Palmetto Places

Visit peach country, where roadside stands are an art form! Enjoy a chat with Ike Carpenter, award-winning folk artist. Enjoy a summer thunderstorm in Ward, and visit the towns of Johnston and Ridge Spring.

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The Ridge
Episode 1


It was once said that men who grew up in “The Ridge,” an area 150 miles from South Carolina’s coast, are of heartier stock, compared to their lowcountry counterparts. Today, descendants of those...
The Ridge, Part 2
Episode 2


Edgefield County English teacher Lynn Booraem takes us on a tour through The Ridge’s roadside stands. The main produce sold at these stands are peaches, watermelons, cantaloupes, and tomatoes. “The...
The Ridge, Part 3
Episode 3


The small town of Ward, which was once a bustling railroad town, sits at The Ridge’s high point: 695 feet above sea level. The town is on part of a plantation which belonged to the town’s founder...