Barnwell | Palmetto Places

Hear the story of "Tuscarora Jack." Visit Banksia Hall, four historic churches and Barnwell State Park. Look at a unique vertical sundial, and learn about towns that have vanished. Watch potter Elizabeth Ringus at work.

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Barnwell, Part 1


Barnwell county was formed in 1785 when the old Orangeburg District was divided. The county was named in honor of a lowcountry family, the Barnwells. The town of Barnwell was settled mainly by...
Barnwell, Part 2


Barnwell is considered the gateway to the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Learn about the interesting election that officially left the county seat in Barnwell instead of Blackville. In the front of the...
Barnwell, Part 3


Meet and learn how Elizabeth Ringus got started making pottery.