Cartersville (Georgia)

In this edition of 27:Fifty, join host Rich Panter as he shows viewers around historic sites in Cartersville, Georgia. He begins at the Air Acres Air Museum, then moves to the Etowah Mounds State Park, which is the most intact ancient Indian site in the southeast. The remaining airmen who served in the famous "Doolittle Raiders" gather in Columbia, South Carolina, for their 50th anniversary reunion. William Least Heat-Moon, author of the book PrairyErth, chronicles his journey with writing his book about Chase County, Kansas. Eight years of research and hard work gives readers a guided tour, chronicling events going back from 250 million years ago, to present day.  The last segment is a quirky look at KCRU. KCRU prides itself on being an "alternative" radio station. Here, at Rice University, students can learn the ropes of what it takes to work in the radio industry. 

William Least Heat-Moon
Episode 2


William Least Heat-Moon, is the author the book “PrairyErth.” He calls his book a “deep map” of Chase County, Kansas. The book provides an in depth guided tour, which is the end result of 8 years of...
Episode 3


KCRU is an “alternative” radio station, broadcasting from Rice University, in Houston, Texas. Here, students can learn the ropes of what it is like to work in the radio industry. The station prides...