Columbia (South Carolina)

In this episode of 27:Fifty, join Jim Welch as he takes viewers around historic downtown Columbia, South Carolina. The first segment details the bicentennial of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Several professors from the College of Charleston discuss why the Bill of Rights is as important today as it was over two hundred years ago. Country music star Randy Owen is the lead singer of the country band "Alabama." Whenever Randy is not out touring, he spends time on his eight hundred acre farm, raising cattle. Learn more about a grass-roots movement unfolding in Asheville, North Carolina, known as "micro-credit"; a practice with origins in third world countries. Micro-credit's popularity is increasing in popularity among entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Local Columbia comedian Mark Pfister also works as a meteorologist, and uses his unique sense of humor to make weather reports more entertaining. 


Photo of the South Carolina State House, Located In Richland County.