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Knowitall has numerous Series and Collections that can be used throughout the school year! We hope this post will help you to keep these media assets in mind, as you’re looking for resources to support your lesson plans throughout the year.

Below we will list a number of these resources—both Series and Collections—that we hope you’ll come back to again and again throughout the year!


All through the year, you‘ll find collections that will provide content appropriate for your annual observances, such as Constitution Day, Native American Heritage, African American History, Women’s History and more. Our Collections make it easy to find exactly the content you need!

Our Knowitall Collections currently include:


We’ll highlight just a few of our Collections below:

Early Learning

An exciting collection of Early Learning resources in a number of subject areas for PreK through Grade 3 students! Take a look! Please scroll down to Topics for our Coloring Pages


ETV StreamlineSC

The entire ETV StreamlineSC Collection is available on—and there’s a wealth of content there. Please be sure to take a look!

***South Carolina teachers, please note that in order to access all of the content on ETV StreamlineSC, you will need to create an account on LearningWhy first, and then log in to ETV StreamlineSC on using the same log-in.***


Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection

Our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection makes it easy to locate English Language Arts resources that you’ll find useful all through the year! Take a look now!

Series include:

Topics include:

Visit our Collections to discover more!


And Now, to Some of Our Series You’ll Want to Return to Time and Time Again!

Carolina Stories


South Carolina Hall of Fame

A veritable “Who’s Who” from our South Carolina History! The S.C. Hall of Fame was founded in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 1973 to recognize and honor contemporary and past citizens who have made outstanding contributions to South Carolina's heritage, history and progress.

Topics include:

A. Settlement

  1. Eliza Pinckney
  2. King Hagler
  3. Thomas Lynch

 B. American Revolution

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Andrew Pickens
  3. Arthur Middleton
  4. Edward Rutledge
  5. Francis Marion
  6. Henry Laurens
  7. John Rutledge
  8. Peter Horry
  9. Thomas Heyward
  10. Thomas Lynch
  11. Thomas Pinckney
  12. Thomas Sumter
  13. William Henry Drayton
  14. William Jasper
  15. Wiliam Moultrie

C. New Nation

  1. Charles Cotesworth
  2. Charles Pinckney
  3. David Drake a.k.a. “Dave the Potter”
  4. Pierce Butler
  5. Robert Mills
  6. Travis & Bonham
  7. William “Singing Billy” Walker
  8. William Gregg

D. Civil War

  1. Ann Pamela Cunningham
  2. James Louis Petigru
  3. Joel Poinsett
  4. John C. Calhoun
  5. Mary Boykin Chesnut
  6. Robert Smalls
  7. Wade Hampton
  8. William Gilmore Simms

E. Reconstruction

  1. David Bancroft Johnson
  2. James Lide Coker
  3. James Marion Sims
  4. Mary Simms Oliphant
  5. Robert Smalls
  6. Thomas Green Clemson
  7. Wade Hampton​​

F. Early 20th Century

  1. Anna Hyatt Huntington
  2. Anne Austin Young
  3. Archibald Rutledge
  4. Bernard Baruch
  5. David Bancroft Johnson
  6. Elliott White Springs
  7. James F Byrnes
  8. John R. Heller
  9. Julia Mood Peterkin
  10. Lucille Godbold
  11. Major Thomas Dry Howie
  12. Mary McLeod Bethune
  13. Maude Callen
  14. Susan Pringle Frost
  15. Walker Gill Wylie
  16. Wil Lou Gray
  17. William Farrow

G. Late 20th & Early 21st Centuries


Civil Rights Movement

  1. Benjamin Mays
  2. Marian Wright Edelman
  3. Matthew Perry
  4. S.C. Chief Justice Ernest Finney
  5. Septima Clark

Cold War

  1. Charles Duke
  2. Charles Townes
  3. General Jacob Edward Sma
  4. General William C. Westmoreland

Science & Space Exploration                   

  1. Charles Bolden
  2. Charles Duke
  3. Charles Townes
  4. Ronald Erwin McNair
  5. S.C. Astronauts


  1. Bobby Richardson
  2. Cale Yarborough
  3. John McKissick

Economic Landscape

  1. Darla Moore
  2. Hugh McColl
  3. Robert Marvin
  4. Roger Milliken

Political Landscape

  1. Donald Stuart Russell
  2. Ernest “Fritz” Hollings
  3. Governor James Burrows Edwards
  4. Governor John C. West
  5. Governor Richard W. Riley
  6. Governor Robert E. McNair
  7. Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
  8. S.C. Chief Justice Ernest Finney
  9. Senator Strom Thurmond
  10. William S. Hall
  11. William Jennings Bryan Dorn

Visual & Performing Arts

  1. Anne Worsham Richardson
  2. Carlisle Floyd
  3. Dizzy Gillespie
  4. Elizabeth O’Neill Verner
  5. Jasper Johns
  6. Philip Simmons
  7. Stanley Donen


  1. Elizabeth Coker
  2. Mary Simms Oliphant
  3. Pat Conroy
  4. Robert Bass
  5. Walter Edgar


Let’s Go! VRs

We hope that throughout this school year, you’ll be able to fully utilize the VRs made available on Let’s Go! The instructions are provided below and are also available on the website.

To View VRs on the Matterport App: 

The 3D experiences were shot with a Matterport Pro 3D Camera. Experience the VRs using the Matterport phone apps with either a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

  1. Download the iOS or Android app to your phone
  2. Use your phone's browser to go to the VR link at Historic Brattonsville Homestead House  
  3. When you click on a link, the Matterport App will open on your phone.
  4. The VRs will need to download to the app prior to viewing.
  5. Look for the visual queues (circles) to navigate through the VR experience.


Let’s Go! Locations include:


Dates for Your Calendar

Aug. 12 - International Youth Day            

International Youth Day seeks to raise awareness to the cultural and legal issues faced by youth throughout the world.  The United Nations defines youth as people between the ages of 15 and 24 years. In 1995, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) adopted the World Programme of Action for Youth, focusing on 15 priority areas including education, employment, hunger and poverty, health, environment and drug abuse. Since its inception on August 12, 2000, International Youth Day has served to increase the quality and quantity of opportunities available to the youth.


Aug. 19 - National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day commemorates the development of aviation all while seeking to promote and support the industry.  In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed that National Aviation Day would be observed annually on August 19, the birthday of Orville Wright.


Aug. 19 - World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day seeks to recognize the compassion and bravery of humanitarian workers. Designated by the United Nations in December of 2008 to honor the sacrifices of humanitarian workers, it is celebrated annually on August 19, a day that commemorates the 2003 bombing of the UN Headquarters in Iraq.

Caring People & Professions include:

Health Care

Other Caring Professions


Character Minutes

One-minute clips focus on positive character traits—a fine way to build up-and-coming humanitarians!


Also, see our Environmental Awareness Collection to find ways to show that you care about the Earth and its inhabitants! And while we’re on this topic, don’t miss our Animal Lovers Collection!

Environmental Awareness Collection

Series include:


Animal Lovers Collection

Series include:


New Content

Content recently added to includes:

Expeditions Shorts with Patrick McMillan

Naturalist, author, educator and Emmy-winning host Dr. Patrick McMillan embarks on fascinating adventures throughout North and South America.



A series presented by South Carolina ETV featuring stories produced by PBS affiliates.

Locations include:


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