A Natural State - Credits


Development Team

Curriculum Specialist:   Samantha Cofield 
Editors:   Mimi Wortham-Brown, Andrea Thorpe 
Executive Producer:   John Bane
Grant Writer, Concept:   Betsy Newman
Graphic Illustrators:   Joseph Byrne, Sam Glenn, Connie Robinette
Interns:   Erin Colgan, Kyle Day, Kellen McFadden
Producer:   Patrick Hayes
Programmers:   Steven Anderson, Richard Baldwin, Tony Toich
Research/Materials Development:   Connie Robinette, Samantha Cofield
Still Photography:   Gaines Halford, Patrick Hayes, Connie Robinette, Urica Pope
Streaming Media Specialist:   Ed Goodwin
Video Directors:   Patrick Hayes, Urica Pope
Video Editors:   Kyle Day, Patrick Hayes, Audrey Muck, Gerald Skipper 
Videographer:   Gaines Halford
Web Developer:   Connie Robinette
Writers:   Samantha Cofield, Patrick Hayes, Connie Robinette


Nancy Basket, Mildred Blue, Tom Boozer, Harriet Bailem Brown, Clay Burnette, Nola Campbell, Arianne King Comer, Jimmie Dinkins, Adesola Falade, Stephen Ferrell, Pearl Fryar, Evelyn George, Timothy Greene, Phillip Greene, Georgia Harris, Andrew Livengood, Shannon Livengood, Billie Anne McKellar, Marcelo Novo, Matthew Penn, Janet Orselli, Herb Parker, Leslie Pierce, Leslie Rech, Brian Rust, Gary Taylor, Nils-Udo, Peter Werner.

Collaborators (South Carolina)


Ernie Denny Director, Clemson Sculpture Garden, Clemson University
Clemson University College of Agriculture Forestry and Life Sciences
Clemson University College of Architecture Arts and Humanities
Clemson University English Department


Gwen W. Beavans, Education and Interpretive Specialist, USDA Forest
Stephanie Neal Johnson, Public Affairs Officer, USDA Forest Service

Tommy Charles, Archaeologist, University of South Carolina

Christopher Robinson, Graduate Assistant, McKissick Museum USC
Saddler Taylor, Director of Folklife Programs, McKissick Museum USC

South Carolina Geological Survey

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources


College of Charleston, School of the Arts, Sculpture Program


Steve and Debra Lane, Ancient Cypress, LLC


Allen Coleman, Director, Pickens County Museum of Art and History

Rock Hill

Becky Garris, Archives, Catawba Cultural Preservation Project
Winona Haire, Director, Catawba Cultural Preservation Project
Steve McKellar, Volunteer, Catawba Cultural Preservation Project
Sandra Reinhardt, Staff Archaeologist, Catawba Cultural Preservation Project
Earl Robbins, Volunteer, Catawba Cultural Preservation Project


Heidi Adler, Ceramics/Art Teacher, Sumter High School

Booth Chilcutt, Cultural Director, City of Sumter
Charlie Holmes, Arboculturist, City of Sumter

Peggy Chilcutt, Artistic Director, Sumter Gallery of Art

Lynn Eldridge, Art Teacher, Chestnut Oaks Middle School, Sumter

Yonges Island

Martha and John Walters Too Goo Doo Tree Farm