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May on Knowitall

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Featured this month on Knowitall—Keep It Real to encourage teens 14 and above to consider their safety amid all the end-of-the-schoolyear celebrations. Knowitall Healthy to make the most of the free time you have and to encourage healthy living for kids and adults alike! For Cinco de Mayo, we offer a collection that celebrates the heritage of Hispanic people. 

We also feature the Wash Hands Song and other illness prevention tips for Hand Hygiene Day.  For Mother’s Day, as we honor the women who play such an important part in their family’s lives, we also honor women who are leaders in the workplace. On Armed Forces Day, we pay tribute to our military heroes from all five branches, and on Memorial Day, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

In addition, we’re happy to tell you that the resources from SC Life – The Cove Forest are now available on your tablet! Find more info below.



May 3 – World Press Freedom Day - Journalism, Broadcasting & Communications Collection

Visit the Journalism, Broadcasting & Communications Collection under the Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection for these resources and more!


May 5 - Cinco de Mayo - Hispanic Heritage Collection

Celebrates the Mexican Army’s victory over France during the Franco-Mexican war, but it also celebrates the heritage of the Mexican people. View our Hispanic Heritage Collection.


May 5 – World Health Organization – Hand Hygiene Day - Illness Prevention Collection under Knowitall Healthy!

Hand Hygiene Day, established by the World Health Organization, is held on May 5 every year. Check out our Flu PSAs - Illness Prevention Tips & Wash Hands Song in English and Spanish. These videos provide important reminders for everyone, all through the year. Four key illness prevention tips are highlighted in English and with Spanish subtitles, along with the Wash Hands Song with Danielle Howle.


May 8 - National Teacher’s Day  /  May 4 through 8 - National Teacher Appreciation Week

Let your favorite teacher know how special he or she is and how much you appreciate his or her decision to go into education!  Say thank you!


May 8 – V.E. Day – Victory in Europe Day

Visit our Memorial Day Collection and hear the stories of those who served!


May 13 - Mother’s Day

As we honor the women who play such an important part in their family’s lives, we also honor women who are leaders in the workplace.

In a dynamic and growing Southern career landscape, Palmetto Voices looks to female leaders in South Carolina to share the experiences, skills and decisions that have brought them success. These voices of the Palmetto State offer advice and suggestions for excellence in various career clusters and fields of study.

From Middle School to High School, teenage girls face unique pressures everyday. Between issues with bullying, body image, boys, friends and “frenemies,” life during that awkward transitional period can feel like it’s filled with challenges. It’s important our girls have role models, people to look up to, think about, and speak with to help navigate those land mines. Project Lead South Carolina is a video series for young women, that follows notable women in South Carolina to gather advice for what makes a successful leader. 


May 19 - Armed Forces Day

On Armed Forces Day, we honor and thank those who serve in all five branches of the United States Armed Forces including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Be sure to scroll down to the area below the Series to view the entire collection!


May 28 - Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we’ll pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, for our country, and for all of us.

Be sure to scroll down to the area below the Series to view the entire collection!



The health of our young people—and our entire population—is on our minds this month. At a time when traffic deaths among teens spike, we encourage teens 14 and up to view our series, Keep It Realwhich emphasizes the importance of avoiding risky behavior and provides an up-close look at consequences. Please encourage teens you know and care about to view them, in advance of proms and other celebrations, and as they head out on vacation. We also feature our Knowitall Healthy resources, which provide important pointers for living healthy, active lives—as well as some inspiring stories!   



As the spring semester comes to an end, our thoughts turn to proms, graduations and the start of summer vacations. Almost in an instant, this joyous, celebratory time of year can become a time of immense heartbreak and tragedy when a young person’s life is taken all too soon, as a result of risky behavior or inexperience.  South Carolina ETV encourages you to influence a teen in your life, age 14 or above, to view Keep It Real and consider the possibility that such a tragedy could occur in their life or the life of a friend or family member. These videos offer a reality check that may serve as a valuable lesson in avoiding risky behavior. But it won’t work unless they actually view them! Please encourage teens in your life to do so and give them fair warning that the videos are difficult to watch.



Now is a great time to consider small steps we can all take toward being more physically fit and eating healthier foods! View the resources here and make the changes that you can—even in small increments. It all adds up to a healthier you! 

 In this Collection, we also feature content that informs students on various ways to stay safe, including these series:

Please note that all of the content in Knowitall Healthy! is organized into these Topics:



Cove forests are unique ecosystems found exclusively in North America, in the southern Appalachian Mountains of the United States. They are a special type of forest known as mixed deciduous, meaning that forest's trees lose their leaves in fall. Cove forests are restricted to mountain "coves," which are bowl-shaped valleys with very rich, fertile, damp soil. Many cove forests have streams wandering through part of the forest. The cove forests of the South exhibit the greatest plant and tree diversity of any forests in the United States.

The cove forests of South Carolina are restricted to the northwest portion of the state, extending from the north of Westminster to north of Greenville, Jones Gap State Park, Table Rock State Park, Oconee State Park, and Caesars Head State Park all contain cove forest communities.

The resources from SC Life are currently being extracted to play on other devices. At this time, The Cove Forest is available for use on tablets! Try out these resources from The Cove Forest!



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