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Medical Lab Technician | Kids Work!

Turn on your speakers. Click the PLAY button to start the activity.

The Kids Work! Hospital laboratory is on the
2nd floor. Click ENTER to open the lab door.
The lab technician is looking at a group of cells (also known as tissue) under a microscope. All living things are made up of cells. Click on one of the cells to continue.
Let's examine one of the cells more closely. Remember we are looking at a human cell, which looks different from a plant cell.
Touch parts of the cell to read a definition. Click the next button when you are finished.
Invasion of the Germs!

Becky Bacteria

Bacteria are living things made of only one cell. Some bacteria are good for you, and others are not.

Vinnie Virus

Viruses can only live and grow inside other living cells. Compared to bacteria, a virus is smaller in size.
Patient A has food poisoning, which can be caused by the E.coli bacteria. E.coli is usually a friendly bacteria that lives in our intestines, but when it gets into food it can make us sick. That's why it's important to wash your hands before you eat! Click the EYE to view the bacteria in action.
How do you stop the bacteria from growing?
Your doctor prescribes an antibiotic.
ACHOOO! Patient B has the chills and a fever. She may have influenza, also known as the flu. The flu virus spreads when someone who is already infected sneezes or coughs. Click the EYE to view the virus in action.
Can you use antibiotics to treat a virus?
No, a doctor can only prescribe medicine to treat the symptoms, like a fever or a cough.

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