Holocaust Remembrance Collection

Trace the events of the Holocaust through the testimony of survivors who settled in South Carolina. Interviews are combined with dramatic archival footage for a powerful and moving record of the inhumanity that was experienced during the Holocaust


South Carolina Standards

Teaching about the Holocaust -  S.C. Social Studies Standards (PDF)
Social Studies: 4, 5, 7


Lesson Plans on LearningWhy.org

S.C Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust - Teaching Lesson One
Social Studies: 5, 7, 10, 11

S.C Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust - Teaching Lesson Two
Social Studies: 7, 10, 11


Knowitall Series

Seared Souls: South Carolina Voices of the Holocaust 
Documentary divided into 10 segments

S.C. Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust 
Over 50 Interviews


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