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For Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday, Jan. 27, Visit Knowitall's Holocaust Remembrance Collection

Holocaust vicitims boarding train

Holocaust Remembrance Collection

For Holocaust Memorial Day, observed on Friday, January 27, we share these resources for remembrance on Knowitall:

Seared Souls: South Carolina Voices of the Holocaust

Trace the events of the Holocaust through the testimony of survivors who settled in South Carolina. Interviews are combined with dramatic archival footage for a powerful and moving record of the inhumanity that was experienced during the Holocaust.

South Carolina Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust

Full interviews with South Carolinians who survived the Holocaust and those who liberated the concentration camps or witnessed the atrocities that took place. 

The Holocaust Overview provides seven overview sections. Each provides a short summary of a topic related to the Holocaust. Teachers can summarize these mini-lectures for their students or share them with more able readers. The overviews are intended to supplement the information in students' textbooks on each topic and provide a background for teaching the lessons that follow each overview. A Holocaust timeline and glossary are also included.

The Holocaust Forum was a collaboration between the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust, ETV, and the South Carolina Department of Education.