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Catapult Calamity (Grade 5, 6)

Miscroscopic Life (Grade 6)

Roaring Rockets (grade 5, 8)


Compound Microscope


Dissecting Microscope





  • Newton's Laws: A short-answer quiz about Newton’s Laws of Motion, including calculations using Newton’s mathematical formula F= MA, involving force, mass, and acceleration.
  • Newton's Laws (Master)
  • Rocket Graphing: An exercise in charting the course of a rocket in flight using the variables of time, velocity and altitude, followed by short-answer questions requiring observation, recall and critical thinking. 
  • Rocket Graphing (Master) 
  • Rocket Web Guide: Students can visit the rocket-building activity at The Hobby Shop On-line to complete this worksheet about the parts of a rocket and how rockets work.
  • Rocket Web Guide (Master) 
  • Straw Rocket: A simple lesson plan for building and testing paper rockets at home or in class. Patterns are included.
  • Inquiry With Rockets: A few inquiry-based suggestions for student use of the rocket-building activity at The Hobby Shop On-line, accompanied by some thoughts about assessment.