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Giving Thanks for Family and Friends

Sesame Street graphic - Giving Thanks for Family and friends

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Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy food, family, and take a moment to show appreciation to those who mean the most to you. Talk to the children in your life about the friends, family, or teachers they want to say thank you to this season. Decorate these free, printable thank you cards together and give them to someone just to say THANK YOU!


Family Fun!

Do the Gobble Wobble!

Dance with Elmo, Abby, and their turkey friend as they celebrate everything they’re thankful for! Watch the video.


Make a Turkey Hand

Everyone’s favorite craft has gone digital! Make a virtual turkey hand to print or save. Launch the art maker.


Grow Your Colors

Help Grover and Rosita grow a rainbow of fruits and vegetables in this interactive game. Play the game.


Monster Foodie Truck: Cranberries

Learn where your food comes from with Cookie Monster and Gonger! This week, a Thanksgiving favorite: cranberries! Watch the video.


Healthy Eating

Teaching kids to eat healthy is easier than you might think. A balanced diet involves eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, planning easy and healthy meals, and buying or preparing budget-friendly foods and snacks. Explore healthy eating activities here.