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LearningWhy is South Carolina ETV's PreK-12 One to One (1:1 Lesson) and Project-Based Lessons (PBL) addressing essential questions that help students learn. The lessons include cross-curricular activities, lesson progressions, assessments, and all the media and content links needed to teach standards. 

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Find a listing below of Social Studies LESSON PLANS and the corresponding Knowitall content.

Civil War Battlefield (Grade 8, PBL)


Commemorating the South Carolina Secession (Grade 8, PBL)


Commemorating the "War to End All Wars (Grade 8, PBL)


Constitution Day - Lesson Plan (Grade 3, 4, 8 --- 1:1 Lesson)


Detective Bonz and the SC History Mystery Series


Diary of a Grain of Rice OR and Indigo Plant (Grade 8)


Gullah Lesson Plans 

Gullah Storybook (Grade 3)

African Americans in South Carolina: Gullah (Grades 3, 8)

Gullah Gourmet (Grade 3)

Catch the Gullah Beat: Rhythm and Percussion (Grade 3)


Holocaust Forum Lessons


Southern States Secede (Grade 8, PBL)


The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Lesson Plans

A PBL to Connect the Battles of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution (Grade 8, PBL)

The Battles of Waxhaws and Brattonsville (Grade 8, 1:1 Lesson)

The Battles of Camden and Musgrove Mill (Grade 8, 1:1 Lesson)

The Battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens (Grade 8, 1:1 Lesson)

Cowpens – A Brilliant Victory (Grade 8, 1:1 Lesson)

The Battle at Guilford Courthouse (Grade 8, 1:1 Lesson)

Ninety Six: The End Game (Grade 8, 1:1 Lesson)


The Pursuit of Francis Marion (Grade 8)


The Roaring Arts (Grade 8, PBL)


To the Moon and Back - Charles Duke (Grade 8, 1:1 Lesson)