Folklife Writer's Forum

The Folklife Writer's Forum provides an outlet for researchers to electronically publish original research, fieldnotes, and observations. This is an unedited resource with submissions from all levels of researchers - formally trained academics, community scholars and the general public.

We welcome the inclusion of images with submitted work. Images need to be in jpg format, 72 dpi, and must be owned by the author. Digital Traditions staff and the McKissick Museum are not responsible for the misrepresentation of copyrighted material. Remember - Digital Traditions is a web-based application. Please do not submit material that you do not want available in a public forum.

Articles and any companion images can be sent to The Forum will be updated regularly and researchers can request articles be removed at any time. The goal of the Writer's Forum is to encourage cross-discipline exposure to research and to provide a means for increased accessibility, especially to those researchers lacking appropriate outlets to disseminate their work.

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