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Public schools observe John C. Calhoun's birthday, March 18, as South Carolina Day. 


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Mills, Robert | South Carolina Public Radio


"M" is for Mills, Robert (1781-1855). Architect, engineer, author. A native of Charleston, Mills studied architecture with James Hoban, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Latrobe. Settling in Philadelphia...
Columbia College | South Carolina Public Radio


"C" is for Columbia College. Chartered in 1854 by the South Carolina Methodist Conference, Columbia College is the eleventh-oldest women’s college in the United States. Initially called Columbia...
Columbia | South Carolina Public Radio


"C" is for Columbia (Richland County; 2010 population 130,493). Named for Christopher Columbus and created in 1786 as the nation’s first truly planned capital city, Columbia has a unique history...
College of Charleston | South Carolina Public Radio


"C" is for College of Charleston. Although plans for a college at Charleston had been discussed throughout the eighteenth century, it was not until 1785 that the legislature authorized the creation of...
S.C. State Museum | 27:Fifty (1992)
Episode 1


Host Rich Panter takes viewers around the South Carolina State Museum. Originally built in 1894 as the Columbia Mill, it was the first electrically powered textile mill in the world. The building was...
Brown, Morris | South Carolina Public Radio


"B" is for Brown, Morris (1770-1849). Clergyman. Brown, a free mulatto, was born in Charleston. He received a license to preach as a Methodist lay preacher and organized an African congregation in...